Armor of God - Symbolic Chart
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Belt of Truth
Breastplate of Righteousness
Feet Shod with Peace
Shield of Faith
Helmet of Salvation
Sword of the Spirit
Women's Theme
Men's Theme
Christian Medal of Honor
Christian Purple Heart
Capturing Spiritual Insight

Belt of Truth on the Breastplate

The belt is centered on the body and secures two important areas:

1) the clothing (red undergarments hanging down underneath the armor)
2) the armor itself for use in battle

Symbolism / Spiritual Ramifications
Truth means that we must be real (authentic) in two important areas:

Breastplate 1) the thoughts attitudes of our heart (undergarments)
2) the outward expressions (armor on top of garments) of our words and actions must be real (truth) with no masquerade (facade) - honesty and integrity with Christ and with people.

Our masquerade can be penetrated by demonic spirits and exposed in the midst of pressure and warfare, allowing dishonesty to produce havoc in our lives.

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It protects the heart and other vital organs. Although the breastplate may provide coverage for the whole body, it is only depicted in front view.

Symbolism / Spiritual Ramifications
Jesus Christ became our righteousness. Now we have His:

1) Righteous record - living boldly (face forward - reason for depicted front view of breastplate) without any reason for us to be ashamed (faced away) with our back turned or condemned in our heart.
2) Righteous nature/heart - yielding to His leading and protecting (with breastplate) it from devil's accusation that we are wicked. Both Christ's record and nature protect our heart.

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Sandal Feet Shod with the Gospel of Peace

The sandal's thick sole protects the bottom of the foot, which is the most sensitive and vulnerable area of the leg. The rest of the foot and leg, which is lightly covered by straps, is exposed to the elements of the battlefield such as dirt, mud, water, etc.

Symbolism / Spiritual Ramifications
We must protect our peace regardless of the strife that surrounds us, just like sandals protect the bottom of our feet regardless of the elements of dirt, mud and water found on battlefields.

The devil attacks our peace by causing us to doubt God and have division and strife with others. As the elements of the battlefield such as dirt, mud, water, etc. are inevitable, so are disagreements and misunderstandings with other believers, along with assaults from those who hate you.

However, protecting our peace breaks the attempt of the evil one to control us. People curse us, we pray for them. They slap us, we turn other cheek. The devil is not in control, we are, and by staying in Christ's peace we are extending the Gospel of peace to a godless world.

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Shield Shield of Faith

One dart is on fire and about to hit the shield. The other is already stuck in the shield and quenched (evident by the rising smoke) by the brown leather covering that is soaked with water.

Symbolism / Spiritual Ramifications
Fiery dart: represents the devil's real, undeniable attacks
Quenched dart: represents the attacks we must not avoid or deny, but rather address and defeat as the Lord has commanded
Shield: represents faith soaked in God's character as He is revealed in His word

Showing the darts is intended to expose the works of the devil, whether they are lies to our soul (mind and emotions) or assaults to our body through sickness. Now faith can defeat the attack because it can be clearly discerned and resisted. Whether it's an accusation from the devil or an overwhelming circumstance, we must make a decision to believe (faith) God - no matter what.

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Helmet Helmet of Salvation

The helmet is depicted in profile.

Symbolism / Spiritual Ramifications
The side view (profile) implies what the devil sees in battle while we are looking in the face of Jesus. The enemy has no lawful position in front of us concerning the issue of our salvation in Christ. The issue of salvation is so complete in Christ's finished work that the devil must stand off to the side on the issue of salvation. Ephesians 2 explains it as us being seated with Christ in a position where the enemy is under our feet. This side view of the helmet of salvation is the same truth in a different visual form.

As we face Christ our savior, satan has no place between the Lord and us. His attacks are off to the side hoping we will be distracted from our salvation in Christ. In other words, our understanding is totally clear on the issue of salvation. The helmet (protecting the understanding, thought life) of salvation makes a statement to the enemy of our soul. It says, "Salvation is the main issue and it can never be touched by you. So get off to the side and behind me, satan."

Or in business and political terminology it might be said, "Salvation is not even on the table. That has already been settled at the cross."

The battles for our family and friends along with our emotional and physical health are all real battles that we fight with the enemy. It is face to face combat (as illustrated by the breastplate in front view) but they are only small battles in the ultimate war of salvation that Christ has already won. On that issue, satan will stand off to the side (under our feet as we are seated with Christ according to Eph 2) and our eternal perspective on salvation in Christ will secure our thoughts and strengthen our confidence in the temporary battles we have in this life.

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Sword Sword of the Spirit

The sword is drawn from the sheath and has yellow beams (that look like electrical bolts) around the hand. The sword, when it is drawn, becomes larger than the sheath on the breastplate that held it.

Symbolism / Spiritual Ramifications
Sword: represents the Word of God
Beams: represent the Holy Spirit's power

The Spirit breathes His Word into our heart and says, "Draw My Sword and use it." The sword being drawn from its sheath illustrates our willingness and desire to stir up our heart and let the Holy Spirit use His Word through us. It's a willful choice on our part to wait on the Lord for His Word or to respond to what He has already spoken to us.

The yellow beams along with the sword, which when it is drawn becomes larger than the sheath that held it, illustrate that the Holy Spirit will empower God's Word (logos, which is the Bible in whole) so that a portion of it becomes His spoken Word (rhema).

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Sandal Foot and the Hand

The right foot and the right hand are depicted as the body parts being used in the sandal and with the sword.

Symbolism / Spiritual Ramifications
In the Bible, the right hand is often referred to as the hand of strength and blessing. The place of one's right side is that of dignity and honor. It's therefore also the hand and place of vulnerability as all opposition, threats and accusations are targeted there. So our Deliverer stands at our right side strengthening our right hand. The Lord has committed His power to us in Psalm 121 as He refers to our foot and right hand as His place of support.

Sword He will not allow your foot to be moved; The Lord is your keeper; The Lord is your shade at your right hand. Psalm 121:3,5

The right foot and the right hand in the bookmark help us focus on the promise of God's full support for us as we live and move forward with Him.

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Roses and Flowers

Roses Roses
A rose is planted and rooted so that its growth is assured, regardless of wind and external conditions. It's symbolic of our position to "stand" (see vs 11,13 on bookmark) and be planted and rooted in Christ as the

"Planting of the Lord" (Isaiah 61:3).

One rose in the background: represents Jesus
Second rose in the background: represents us in His image (Romans 8:29)

Roses entwined with each other at their stems is symbolic of us being yoked with Christ (Matt 11:28-30) and being "in Christ" (Eph 2:6) in our identity and authority.

The small flowers (surrounding the personal name/verse) are all of our individual expressions of being yoked with Christ. As the larger roses entwined represent the actual yoke, the little flowers entwined in and around the personal name/verse represent our personality (expressions,talents, skills, hobbies, etc.) and the way that God has uniquely created us to be an expression of Himself as a result of being yoked with Christ.

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Anchors and Chains

An anchor is designed to stabilize a ship so that it is immovable. It's symbolic of our position to "stand" (see vs 11,13 on bookmark) and be stable and immovable in Christ.

Large anchor in the background: represents Jesus
Small anchor: represents us in His image (Romans 8:29)

The large chain is symbolic of us being yoked with Christ (Matt 11:28-30) and being "in Christ" (Eph 2:6) in our identity and authority.

The small chains (surrounding the personal name/verse) are all of our individual expressions of being yoked with Christ. As the large chain represents the actual yoke, the little chains surrounding the name/verse represent our personality (expressions, talents, skills, gifts, hobbies, etc.) and the way that God has uniquely created us to be an expression of Himself as a result of being yoked with Christ.

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 Christian Medal of Honor Christian Medal of Honor

Location: top left hand corner of bookmark with a semi fade behind the "A" of "Armor", and also on the back of bookmark

The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States. Generally presented to its recipient by the President of the United States of America in the name of Congress, it is often called the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Like the Military Medal of Honor, the Christian Medal of Honor also has a star. A cross and crown of thorns, with two doves facing each other, is the image featured on this medal. The Christian flag is included.

Symbolism / Spiritual Ramifications
Cross and Crown of Thorns represent Christ's suffering and death
Two Doves represent the Holy Spirit's Fruit and Gifts

The Christian Medal of Honor serves to remind us of the valor that Jesus Christ demonstrated for us when He sacrificed His life at the cross. His resurrection from the dead allows us to worship Jesus and recognize the honor that is now bestowed upon Him for His victory over sin and death.

The cross and crown of thorns in the center of the doves are the elements that remind us of the centrality of Christ's death - He gave His life for us.

The two doves are symbolic of the Holy Spirit's demonstration in Christ's life. One dove, which is symbolic of the Fruit of the Spirit, is for the Character that Jesus demonstrated (Gal 5:22,23). The other dove, which is symbolic of the Gifts of the Spirit, is for the Power that Jesus demonstrated (1 Cor 12, Rom 12). Christ lived out the truth and wisdom of scripture by the supernatural revelation of the Holy Spirit.

The two doves positioned on both sides of the cross and facing each other reflect the perfect balance that both the Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit were expressed in Christ's life and ministry.

What about us?
The Christian Medal of Honor likewise reminds us that fighting the good fight of faith requires the valor to sacrifice ourselves for the cause of Christ. As Jesus laid down His life for us, and by His resurrection power we respond to the same call and valor that He demonstrated: the honorable sacrifice of ourselves to serve the purpose that God has for us others.

It's not a legalistic assignment or a regimented response to God's will. On the contrary, it's yielding to the Holy Spirit's desire, as we lay our lives down, to manifest His Fruit and Gifts through us. God's love works in us the desire to serve Him and the needs of others with the same passion that Jesus served us.

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Christian Purple Heart Christian Purple Heart

Location: hanging over the top right hand corner of bookmark, and also on the back of bookmark

The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy, and awarded posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration.

Like the Military Purple Heart, the Christian Purple Heart consists of a purple ribbon and a gold heart. A lion with a crown is the image featured on this medal.

Symbolism / Spiritual Ramifications
Lion: represents Jesus as the Lion of Judah (Rev 5:5)
Crown: represents the Majesty of Jesus as the King of Kings (Rev 19:16)

The Christian Purple Heart serves to remind us of the wounds that Christ suffered both emotionally and physically during His ministry on earth and His suffering and death on the cross. Jesus fought repeated battles throughout His ministry and a final main battle at the cross where He ultimately died for our salvation. Now Christ is risen and known majestically as the Lion of Judah (reason for lion and crown on the medal). His wounds did not stop Him but rather were used to serve the high purpose of God for us.

What about us?
The Christian Purple Heart likewise reminds us of the wounds and the risk of being wounded that we face every day in our spiritual battles. However, being reminded of our wounds does not mean that we dwell on them but instead that we put them in proper perspective so that they don't distract us from pressing on toward the goal that Christ has for us. The Christian Purple Heart reminds us of the wounds we receive for pursuing the cause of Christ. Whether those wounds are emotional or physical, from our own mistakes or from others, we are only reminded of the courage we need to press through the wounds. As an expression of love and worship towards our Lord Jesus, we must not let our wounds stop us, but instead be a rallying point to embrace more of Christ's healing and direction for our life.

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Spiritual Insight

As we stand in the Lord, our hearts and minds are being led by the Holy Spirit in a spiritual battle -- invisible to the human eye.

PROBLEM: Because the devil is invisible, believers often fail to: 1) Appropriate Christ's power and victory -- "Put on the whole armor of God..."
2) Acknowledge the devil's reality and threat -- "...against the wiles of the devil."

Our human senses can distract and mislead us from the invisible and from engaging in the spiritual warfare that this passage describes.

SOLUTION: We must Capture the Spiritual Insight of Ephesians 6. What is that Insight? The Holy Spirit inspired this scripture using visible elements of armor to illustrate, instruct and provoke us to fight the invisible, spiritual war.

How does this bookmark help Capture that Spiritual Insight? Along with the listed elements of armor (breastplate, shield, etc.) there is the comparison/contrast feature between the human and spiritual attributes.

Notice that the breastplate and helmet are empty inside. Although the sandal and sword show the human, physical attributes of a foot and hand, the breastplate and helmet, (which should show the physical attributes of a chest and head) have been left empty.

This was done to imply that though nothing is seen physically, the human, spiritual attribute of the heart (where the chest should be in the breastplate) and the mind (where the head should be in the helmet) are very real and are in a real war against a real enemy. It's a visible reminder of an invisible war.

There's not a chest missing -- instead there's a spiritual heart implied.
There's not a head missing -- instead there's a spiritual mind implied.

It says, "Be watchful, oh warrior of God. Remember that this battle is real even though it's invisible to your human eye. Let the spiritual attributes of your heart and mind submit to God and resist the devil in Jesus' name."

Are you now ready and willing to fight?
Capture that Spiritual Insight!!

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