Personalized Bookmark - The Armor of God
-- with your name on it --

Feminine Design
Roses and Flowers

Armor God Bookmark - Feminine

Personalize it!!
• Put your name on it
• See the examples on this page

Armor Pieces
Belt of Truth - Breastplate of Righteousness
Sandals of Peace - Shield of Faith
Helmet of Salvation - Sword of the Spirit

Featuring Two Medals
Christian Purple Heart
Christian Medal of Honor

Large and Laminated
• Size: Approx 8 x 3 inches
• All personalized bookmarks have heavy duty lamination for durability and protection

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Feminine: click - - - - Masculine: click

Feminine Colors
• Red, Dusty Rose, Wine, Burgundy
(see color display below)

Masculine Colors
• Blue, Brown, Green, Black
(see color display below)

Masculine Design
Anchors and Chains

Armor God Bookmark - Masculine

Color display below: Click on bookmarks for enlarged version of color options. The bookmarks below are generic but they are the same colors as the personalized bookmark.
Dusty Rose

Symbolic Reference Chart
The symbolic reference chart contains the symbolic meanings of all images in the Armor of God bookmark. It is available in:html format

Along with your name on it, the personalized bookmark also features
the Sword of the Spirit and a reverse side rich in graphic symbolism.

The reverse side of the Armor of God Bookmark contains:

• Reference/supporting verses for each piece of Armor
• Warfare attributes of David's army with verses
• Visual display of our spiritual weapons of warfare
• The Christian Purple Heart
• The Christian Medal of Honor

Click here for an enlarged version of the backside of the Armor of God bookmark.

Price: $6.95
Minimum order of 2 required
No Tax - Free Shipping

To order a personalized bookmark or for any questions, please contact us at

The personalized bookmark is custom made with your (or a friend's) first and last name on it.

Here is a Generic bookmark with out any personal name on it for $2.75

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